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8FIVE2 x Patrik Wallner "Paper Trails" HKD20 - 8"

8FIVE2 x Patrik Wallner "Paper Trails" HKD20 - 8"

$ 600.00
30% profit will go to Skate NGO
8FIVE2 x Patrik Wallner "Paper Trails" HKD20 - 8"
Size 8"
Made by DSM
Comes with 8FIVE2 griptape

Born in West Germany in 1987, skateboard filmmaker and artist Patrik Wallner has focused much of his career on storytelling as well as dissecting the convoluted nations within Eurasia & Africa. Through his Visualtraveling documentaries, he has captured life within North Korea multiple times, dove into all countries ending in ’stan, and produced and directed pieces along the Trans-Siberian, Madagascar, Yemen, Myanmar and Iran, to name a few.

By painstakingly folding and reshaping them, Wallner has produced graphic structures and symmetrical patterns that illuminate the sheer power these banknotes can unfold. As payments are heading into a digital age, these twentieth century banknotes will be our last reminder of a time when we all had a piece of art crumbled up in our trousers and wallets.

Brian Siswojo, the founder of 8Five2 skateshop has been supplying skateboards along with apparel and shoes to the Hong Kong core-skate community since 1999. Over the decade, Brian has collaborated with various artists to bring to light Hong Kong’s culture and identity. Whether it be a Joe Castrucci’s Dragon Boat Habitat collabo, the Hong Kong taxi series by Stylus design or even the guest board for Anthony Claravall with a flying Sony Vx1000.

While many countries are moving away from a cashless society, this ‘Paper Trails’ collaboration with 8Five2 and Patrik Wallner commemorates the respect for the ever changing Hong Kong banknotes which is in use daily for the Hong Kong hustle.

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